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Velvet Kitsune  (Velvet Fox) is a new US-based idol association. It was founded in November 2014 as a Japanese pop culture club at Sweet Briar College with the intent of also performing covers of J-pop songs. The mission shifted to a focus on exclusively Japanese pop culture and renamed A.M.P. which stands for Anime, Manga and Pop. Velvet Kitsune was revived in March 2016 as a duo to perform a graduation song for the senior members of A.M.P titled DEAREST~.  The unit is currently based in NYC and is accepting applications for the 2nd generation. The association also contains a new blogger collective named Idol Avenue and a trainee unit named BETA.



Velvet Kitsune:

This is the main unit of The Velvet Kitsune Association and currently is accepting applications for the 2nd generation but continues at the moment with Ally as a soloist.



1st Generation

Position: Lead Vocal

Color: Pink

Single(s): DEAREST~


Velvet Kitsune Singles:

No. 00 DEAREST~ (May 2016)


As a soloist:


No. 01 Together Entwined (September 10th 2017)

No. 02 But me (...not you) (September 16th 2017)



No. 01 Together Entwined (September 10th 2017) 










but me.png

No. 02 But me (...not you) (September 16th 2017)







Current Units



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Flagship Unit

Trainee Unit 

Trio Unit: Spring


Blogger Unit