As of October 15th, 2017, Juju Neto has ceased membership in the Velvet Kitsune trainee unit "BETA". Her final activity will be the audio drama "Deep in the Forest" episode 2 which will premiere on Youtube on October 21st at 8pm EST.


This may come as a surprise to those of you following BETA and the awareness of how fresh a unit it is. Though she was with us a few months, Juju had made great strides and rose at the opportunity to have the lead role in the audio drama.


As the manager, I was thoroughly impressed with her work but in the entertainment world, time management is of vital importance. In order for her to better focus on her own idol group and academics,  I thought it appropriate end the contract sooner rather than later.


As a result, the dates of the drama have slightly shifted to October 21st: Ep 2

October 28th: Ep 3

October 31st Ep 4


We hope you will watch her growth in Flusay Girls and Crystal Rose and wish her the best in her pursuit of a university degree.