BETA is the trainee division of The Velvet Kitsune Association. They are in essence the little sister group of Velvet Kitsune. ベタ(BETA) is also a visual pun on beta carotene and it also means the testing stage of computer software. These young women are testing the waters of the idol world and are given extra support so they can trek out on their own.  

Ami is a 1st generation member of this new unit and though apprehensive about becoming an idol she has made the leap by joining.  Ami is an alto with an airy and sweet quality to her voice. Her notes are chime-like in their resonance. There are many things that are considered when considering an application and passion and focus are two qualities that Ami showed through her application. 

Ami watched the change and growth of Velvet Kitsune from afar for a while before she decided to join. She wanted to be in Velvet Kitsune but the distance made that impossible for her at the time so, when BETA was announced she jumped at the chance to be apart of Velvet Kitsune in some compacity. Her goals are to strengthen her vocals and build a platform. Ami wants to establish her brand as an idol.

In Ami eyes, BETA stands for inspiration and inspiring girls. She sees BETA as an example that idoldom is possible for girls and she seeks to lead by her example. She describes herself as outgoing once she gets to know people. She can be chill, reserved and "all over the place". She also describes herself as an empath and says she gets a strong sense when she knows she'll connect with someone. Though she had never watched GOT prior to seeing Daenerys Targaryen, she knew just by seeing her she would like her.

Ami says she doesn't have many hobbies but she enjoys concerts, reading, writing, sleeping and is a tea connoisseur with one of her favorite flavors being orange blossom. Ami has also dabbled in music composition. 

We hope you will continue to watch Ami grow as a member of BETA and give her a warm welcome!

Welcome, Ami!



Head of The Velvet Kitsune Association 

Ami Yamamoto    BETA        

Ami Yamamoto