Rika is the founding member of BETA in addition to being a 1st generation member. She is a dancer in addition to being a singer. She choreographed dances for her school's Japanese Culture Club. There was also partial Japanese vocal performance! Other activities included having a Japanese-style Valentines Day and informal discussions about various aspects of Japanese Culture. 

Though she is unable to join the flagship unit Velvet Kitsune due to the distance she was BETA was a great way for it to be in the cards someday. As manager it is great to learn of any interest in Velvet Kitsune especially those who start by enrolling in training first. 

Rika's main hobbies naturally are singing and dancing and she is in a number of cover groups. She consideres herself on the shyer side but easy to get along. Rika sees herself first and foremost a good friend. 

Rika has a sweet tooth but does enjoy the savory dish chicken parmesan.  

One on her best memories is going to the Chicago American Girl Place at 9 years old. She enjoyed the historical line the best. 


We are so lucky to have Rika as a member of BETA and we ask that you look out for her and cheer on her growth.





The Velvet Kitsune Association