I know you guys are probably wondering why I released two singles so close together (less than a week apart). The short answer is I have been working on "Together Entwined" for roughly two months and "But me (...not you) for more than a year. The long answer is I've waited too long to start Velvet Kitsune up again waiting for members that I have decided to simply start as a soloist. I have decided to take on Velvet Kitsune as my stage name but you can still call me Ally. :3 

Starting an idol group is something I have wanted to do for a while. In December 2015 and January 2016 I began experimenting with GarageBand and  produced my first track "Count Down~0". Later on June 26th 2016 I released [STAR]gazer and on the 28th INVASION both as off-vocal arrangements. They were meant to be coupled tracks and their lyrics were to follow the same theme. Here and there I made non-electronic tracks(some disco and rock) but I realized I had a sweet spot for electronic music and would gravitate towards the loops and instruments that produced that eerie sound. 

The first audition for Velvet Kitsune hit a hitch when women at my school made the assumption I was attempting to be like a acapella group that existed at the school. I was even cyber bullied about it and called crazy for even trying and even told it would "crash and burn". This was disheartening and honestly I kept Velvet Kitsune mostly to myself and shared my dreams primarily with close friends I could trust but even then it wasn't always ideal. I was told straight out but two performers that I would never be a singer in Japan. This hurt much more because I had always been supportive to their dance projects at school and found it a bit shocking they could so easily tell someone their dreams of performing were not possible at all. No hard or difficult but simply not possible. 


I resolved to be patient, I would be back in New York City in a matter of months and be around more open minded people. When I began my audition for members another, already established idol group began auditions as well. I was tempted to give up but pushed the date back and released a video about the audition and marketed more. After three tries I have officially "given-up" and realize if I want to be an idol I have to start solo and so I have. It is also harder for people to discount my efforts if there is proof of them. 

This month has been essentially a year and a couple months in the making and I plan on releasing more music until I can have enough music for a totally original setlist and make my live debut in the winter. I will also be working on Japanese lyrics for a few of my upcoming releases. I hope you guys will like my new music and share it with your friends. 


Keep an eye on the official Facebook page as new music will have no warning ⚠️