Hello everyone!


I'm so excited to announce the 1st generation of BETA is formed. The members are Ami, Rika and Juju. Their first single will be released on iTunes on October 21st 2017.


The last few weeks have been incredible. It has been great getting to know these young ladies and their hopes and goals for the future. If you have not gotten a chance yet, I insist you read the interview I had with Ami on the main Velvet Kitsune blog about her as a person and an idol-to-be. (Link: http://velvetkitsune.com/blog-1/)


BETA is a trainee unit but they will all be expected to work hard towards improving their singing abilities and their individual projects.


After the release of this single, the leadership positions of the members will be decided. Leaders are not only figureheads in BETA but will be expected to hold members accountable for their actions.


There is still much more to announce but I like to surprise fans so, keep an eye on this Facebook page and BETA's page!





Velvet Kitsune




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