Hello everyone! So I’m back with another review, but this time it’s a music video review as we’re counting down to MM’17 release of Jama Shinai de Here We Go! / Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakain da shi! This single is also Kudo Haruka’s graduation single and the debut single of the 14th generation member Morito Chisaki, who is also a member of Country Girls.


Kudo Haruka


Morito Chisaki


This is going to be a 3-part article series, each being a review of the 3 A-side music videos. Thus the next 3 articles will be a lot shorter than a typical blog post. So this first part will be a review of Dokyuu no Go Sign MV that was released on September 18th.



limited edition B 



General Info:

So this song, like with The Vision and Oh My Wish consists of a singing team and a dancing team. The dancing team is comprised of Ikuta Erina, Ishida Ayumi, Kudo Haruka, Kaga Kaede, Yokoyama Reina, and Morito Chisaki.


And just as a disclaimer, I’m only forming opinions of this song based on the mv that was released.





So starting with the singing team, their outfits consist of either a blue and pink polka dotted or a teal and orange polka dotted crop top with a matching circle skirt. They are also wearing a white embellished jacket and white sneakers.



The dancing team’s outfits also consist of the same crop tops, jackets, and sneakers. The only difference is that they are wearing white pants rather than the circle skirt.



These outfits are indeed pretty cute and go well with the happy-go-lucky vibe of the song, however, it clashes with the white backdrop from the mv, sometimes making it hard to see. So I’ll give the outfits an 8 out of 10.



            From what I can tell from the mv, from the singing team the choreography consists of a lot of peace signs. Otherwise, there’s really not much to go on. For the dancing team, there’s incorporation of acrobatics, which is refreshing. However, based on how the mv is edited, the choreography appears to be “messy”, and not very well executed. This could be because of there being too many solo shots and not a well thought out placement of special effects, which I’ll get to in the next section. The dancing team does get their screen time after the second chorus. While this is a great way of showing off the choreography, to me this particular part is well… awkward.


Of course, this is also the part of the song, I didn’t really like since it disrupts the happy-go-lucky vibe. At this part of the song, this is where there’s opera singing, which is the best I can describe it. I just thought that it wasn’t necessary, which in turn made me think that the choreography here wasn’t needed. And in truth, the choreography isn’t that great here. It felt really out of place, and hard to watch. 


So overall, it’s not MM’17 best performance, so I’ll be giving this a 3 out of 10.


Special Effects:

            There are some parts of the special effects that I liked and others that I didn’t think was necessary for the reasons in the choreography section.




Well like, start off with what I did like, which was the solo scene. This reminded me a lot of a part in Buonos’ 初恋サイダー mv.




The solo shots consisted of each member behind a green screen, which (often) sports their member colors. This was executed quite well and a good break from the white backdrop. The only complaint I have is that there are too many of these shots, which disrupts the choreography.




Now with the parts, I didn’t like was the random placement of the special effects. Here I have two examples:



Both of these pictures show how these special effects can block the view of the choreography.




The special effects placement could have better and more effort could have been put into the editing of the mv, but to me, it felt lazily done, so I’ll give this a 5 out of 10.





Overall, I did like a majority of the song itself. As mentioned earlier, you already know what part I didn’t really like. While the mv was cute, it just wasn’t well put together. So hopefully the other two mv will be better. So when the next mv is released, so expect another review from me! Do leave a comment on what you thought about the mv.


Until next time!





*Editor note: This article was delayed and was intended for September.