Hello everyone! I’m back with the second part of MM’17 new single Jama Shinai de Here We Go! / Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakain da shi! The second part will be a review of Jama Shinai de Here We Go mv that was released on September 24th alongside with the third music video Wakain da shi.



 Regular edition A




The outfits in this mv consist of a black pleather dress with silver short sleeves. It appears that there are two different versions of the dress to have some uniqueness in the outfits. These simple outfits work with the mv and the overall theme of the song, thus I’m rating this a 9 out of 10



outfit 1.jpg
outfit 2.jpg



            During the drop scenes it primarily focuses on the choreography. Overall the choreography works well with the slow pace of the song while showing the girls sexier side. I have yet to see the live performance of this song, but I look forward to seeing it. For now, I’m rating the choreography an 8 out of 10



dance 1.jpg

 Dance 1



 Dance 2

dance 2.jpg


Special Effects:

The special effects in this mv are simple, yet it works well with this song. During the close-ups, diagonal lines and diamond-like effects were used, which are similar to the ones used inムキダシで向き合って mv. The lighting used in this mv gives a dewy hue, which compliments the outfits worn.





            I was especially impressed with the scenes where the girls are coming out from the mirror, which created that ripple-like effect. This shows how much the editing staff has improved, thus I’m rating this a 10 out of 10.


(insert mirror 1, mirror 2…)

mirror 1.jpg
mirror 2.jpg
mirror 3.jpg



            Overall I’m really impressed with this mv. At first, I wasn’t too impressed with the song itself, but now I’m starting to like it more and more. This is a great debut single for Morito Chisaki and a fantastic graduation single for Kudo Haruka. By the time this article has been posted, the single would have been already released. There’s just one more mv review, which would conclude this singles countdown.


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*Editor's note: Article was intended for September but was delayed.