ORIHIME & ミステリア Review

    Hello, everyone! It has been awhile since I last posted, so I thought that I review two songs that are one of my current favorites, ORIHIME, and ミステリア by NEWS. These two songs were featured in their most recent album NEVERLAND, which I’ll do a more in-depth look later on. But exactly how I would describe this album? It’s been put together in such a why that it tells a story. 

The album

The album

To keep it short, NEWS is a four member group, formally a nine member group. Their current members are Takahisa Masuda, Shigeaki Kato, Yuya Tegoshi, and their leader Keiichiro Koyama.

    Starting with ORIHIME, it’s inspired by the folktale that’s associated with Tanabata, aka the star festival, one of Japan’s seasonal festivals and having a Chinese origin. Essentially the folktale is a love story between Orihime, a weaver, and Hikoboshi, a cow herder, but they can only meet once a year on July 7 due to Orihime’s father exiling them to the opposite ends of the milky way (3). 

    With NEWS’ take on the folktale, their song ORIHIME I believe is in the POV of Hikoboshi before meeting again with Orihime on July 7. This is most notable at the beginning of the song:

“Wishing, begging
Searching, grieving
My voice doesn’t reach

I understand that’s the way it is
I end up hoping
Like the miracle of the day we met” (1)

    Now with ミステリア, this song is one of the most memorable songs from the album, asides from U R not alone. What’s unique about this song is that you can interpret it two different ways, literally or figuratively, the latter being my personal favorite. 
“Mysteria, Mr. Monster
I can’t look away from those eyes
I went crazy from the loneliness
Is that guy the incarnation of me
Mysteria, Mr. Monster
I can’t bring you down with these hands
Is it the incarnation of the madness
Hiding deep down inside of me
Mysteria” (2)

The chorus of this song really captures that moment of confrontation, whether it’s for yourself or someone else. But I’ll let you decide as to how you interpret this song. 

<3 Live Performance Review <3 :

    Of course, I will not leave you all hanging like that. ;) So I also include a YouTube video of the live performance of these two songs. ^_^

Keiichiro Koyama

Keiichiro Koyama

    Starting off with the costumes for both songs, this is the classic white and silver outfits that NEWS typically wears. By itself, it’s really simple. However, each member’s outfit is slightly different making it unique to each member. Based on the costumes alone, I would give this a 6.5 out of 10. [insert member picsx4 – also if you could put their names on the bottom of the pics.]

Shigeaki Kato

Shigeaki Kato

Takahisa Masuda

Takahisa Masuda

Yuya Tegoshi

Yuya Tegoshi


    However, what makes these two performances unique is the incorporation of the two stages and the backup dancers. 


Like with most ballads performed by NEWS, there’s no choreography. Now, most of you are thinking “why isn’t there a choreography?” That’s because NEWS singing alone is powerful enough to move the audience. With this performance, it was how they were placed and letting the backup dancers tell the story.

Stage 1.png


What I also love about this set up is the backdrop. So for this stage and set up, it scores a 10/10. :D


The performance of this song is moved to a smaller stage, putting NEWS is the center, and focus of the audience. The previous stage emphasizes the space-like feel with the stars and the milky way, while this smaller stage emphasizes the mysterious feel with the fog and the choice of lights (red and purple).

stage 2.jpg

Here, NEWS gets to show off their choreography. It’s simple, yet it fits with the song, bringing out the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde feel as the backup dancers are also incorporated into the choreography. It’s best for me to let you see the performance for yourselves to see what I mean. Overall, I give this performance a 10 out of 10. 

Overall, this is one of NEWS’ best performances. After watching this so many times, I can’t wait to get the DVD of their NEVERLAND tour. If this article perks your interest, I highly recommend watching any of their concerts, my personal favorite still being their Tokyo Dome concert from their WHITE tour from 2015. 

If there’s a particular concert, mv, or song you would like to review, just comment down below. 

Until next time!


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